Skitty Kitty creates jewellery that is
unpredictable, unconventional and unique.

The Skitty Kitty belief is that age does not matter, your attitude matters. With that in mind, the designs suit individuals who are confident, a bit feisty and wear whatever they like.The creator of Skitty Kitty, Janelle Gerrard had a career spanning several decades in graphic design had a career spanning several decades brand so design ideas come easily.  I am inspired by the simplicity of mid-century modern as well as sixites fashion designers like Mary Quant and Pierre Cardin.There are approx 80 earring designs created so far but in a quest to not have massed produced jewellery, the designs continually vary with different shaped ear buttons. Many one off designs are created by using different shapes in different combinations. New designs are constantly evolving. The necklaces are limited edition.

How it all began...

Like many people in 2020 it was a year of unexpected twists and turns. My year started with a cancer diagnosis but fortunately my breast cancer was caught early and I am fine. During recovery I had time on my hands so I began playing with the idea of designing jewellery. I created many designs and got samples made and then people wanted to buy them. Now they are being stocked in shops, art galleries and now online.

Why the name Skitty Kitty?

In April 2020 I got a 3 year old burmese cat as well. She was a breeders cat who was being retired from being a baby making machine. Mimi is her name. Unfortunately Mimi was not socialised and I could not pat her, touch her and she was very frightened. Fast forward a few months she eventually settled down after me nurturing her and a little help with Kitty Prozac she is now a sweet cuddly girl and my brand ambassador. So back to the name...one day I was making some earrings and she jumped on table and everything went flying including her...I said “You are such a Skitty Kitty” light bulb moment - what a good name for the jewellery brand. Skitty Kitty it is and like most skitty kitties they can be unpredictable and so are my designs not all styles are the same with different buttons and dangling shapes. Makes it more interesting.Skitty Kitty is feisty, bold, unconventional, brave and fun brand.Feminine yet Strong. Bold and Daring. And a little bit mad.