Design for you service

Want something designed just for you? OR you want a design in a particular colour?

Designed for you

Skitty Kitty loves working with stylish people who have an individual look. Most of our designs are limited edition. You may see in the necklace gallery a design that inspires you or you may have a clear idea of a exactly what you want. Have a look at the earring designs available too. Once I know what you are looking for I can sketch up something and then send a pdf of how it will look.

It is a fun process and you get to be involved in designing a unique earring or necklace that there is only one of in the world. Be an original…wearable art!

NB. Depending on the complexity of the design and process there will be a small design fee to cover my time. We can talk about that when you make an enquiry.


For a distinctive look

A client who is a big collector of Skitty Kitty necklaces is a real style icon and loves the eclectic distinctive designs that we are known for. She was very keen to work with me to create a unique piece just for her. I drew up some designs and she had her input so it was a collaboration. She was delighted with the final look and loved the design process.

Does that sound like you? If you love having a distinctive look… your accessories can help define your individual style. It is like wearing a original piece of art.

For special occassions

A friend had her wedding coming up and she loved a particular deign but none of the colours were suitable, so I was able to provide the design in a gorgeous white marble look which was perfect with subtle strands of gold through it. For the bridesmaids she opted for the same design but a bit smaller. They were wearing a simple long dress in rich navy satin so we opted for a navy marble which looked incredible. Too easy.

You might have a special occasion or a new outfit that you want to accessorize with a gorgeous Skitty Kitty necklace and earrings. Just call to discuss.

For the look YOU want

A lady had a special event taking place which is an annual event. This charity fund raiser involves teams in fancy dress and is always pretty out there. She put in a request for some fun earrings to be made to suit her outfit. It really finished off the crazy fun look she wanted.

Jewellery in company colours

A request came in for a range of earrings to be made in company colours. The women in the business got to choose the design they liked and they were created in the brand colours. What a happy team they were and everyone was able to select a style they preferred. Win win.

Special occasion gift

A regular customer of Skitty Kitty had a friend's 50th birthday and she wanted something designed that her friend could wear to her party. Skitty Kitty was able to provide some amazing tasteful earrings that really hit the spot. A necklace was also designed that could be worn for any occasion. Great to have thoughtful friends.

How Skitty Kitty custom design work

Choose your colours

Love one of Skitty Kitty’s necklace or earring designs and want in a particular colour/colours. Not a problem. I have a large range of colours to choose from. You can request a colour or colour combination and I will send you a photo of the swatches.

If you live close to Newcastle you are welcome to drop in and see for yourself.

For inspiration, have a look at all the necklace designs created by Skitty Kitty. There could be a particular design that appeals. If not available I can make for you in same colours or colours of your choice. You only have to ask.

When created I will send you a photo of your order.

NB. If it a simple request there is no extra charge. It is a complimentary service. If more time is required there could be a small fee to cover my time. We can discuss that.


Gallery of necklace designs